Tutorial Speakers

C1 Solid State, Fiber, and Other Laser Sources

Ultrafast laser-based frequency comb and dual-comb generation

Prof. Ursula Keller ETH Zurich, Switzerland
C5 Laser Processing and Innovative Applications

Transforming and tuning materials properties with femtosecond lasers, from 3D part fabrication, photonics and beyond

Prof. Yves Bellouard EPFL, Switzerland
C8 Micro-, Nano-, and Low-Dimensional Photonics

Metaphotonics and Mie-tronics

Prof. Yuri Kivshar Australian National University, Australia
C8 Micro-, Nano-, and Low-Dimensional Photonics

Fundamentals and applications enabled by photonic crystals

Prof. Heonsu Jeon Seoul National University, Korea
C9 Optical Communication Systems and Networks

Key technologies and challenges of fiber to the room (FTTR)

Prof. Gangxiang Shen Soochow University, China
C12 Microwave Photonics and Optical Signal Processing

Millimeter-wave and Terahertz System Applications Enabled by Photonics

Prof. Tadao Nagatsuma Osaka University, Japan
C15 Optical Sensors, Display, and Imaging Systems

Digital molecular sensing and analytics

Prof. Matthew R. Foreman Nanyang Technological University, Singapore