Visit Korea Year

(2023 - 2024)

On December 12, 2022, Korea Government has declared 2023-2024 the Visit Korea Year. During the two-year period, Korea Tourism Organization will offer various events, travel packages, and promotional campaigns using K-culture to boost visitors to the country. Preparations for creating a safer travel environment for foreigners are also being implemented. Visitors can expect huge discounts and events on flights, accommodations, shopping and food. Additionally, K-ETA will be temporarily exempted to 22 countries/regions from April 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024 (KST) in celebration of this wonderful event. Come to Korea and enjoy the moment!


Seoul is the capital of South Korea and the center of the country's industries, including international finance and business, information and communications, digital content, and fashion. It is also considered to be the largest tourist center in Korea due to the large number of existing historical and cultural assets. Visit Seoul


Busan port, the second city and the largest commercial port in Korea, is located and consists of the sea in both the east and south. Representative cultural events are frequently held in the region, and many tourists from around the world visit every year. Visit Busan


Jeju is the largest island of South Korea. It is a volcanic island formed by volcanic activity, and you can see the unique natural environment, and there are special tourist attractions that feel completely different from the land. Visit Jeju


Incheon, a tourist destination that maximizes its geographical advantages, is a place where both inland and coastal tourism is well developed. As it is a city where exports and imports are made with many countries from the past to the present, it is a city where the cultures of various countries are harmonized together. Visit Incheon


Jeonju is a city rich in food and shows the beauty of Korean art. Villages in the form of Hanok, a traditional Korean house, are widely distributed in the region. Visit Jeonju


Thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, Gangwon-do is blessed with a variety of leisure sports that can be enjoyed in all four seasons. In addition, Gangwon-do is popular because there are various attractive restaurants and tourist attractions in each region. Recently, it has been in the limelight as a filming location for K-contents leading the Korean Wave. Visit Gangwon-do